Site Planning

A “Site Plan” outlines the layout of the Website. It identifies all the stakeholders, outlines the main navigation tabs for the web pages, identifies different categories (and subcategories, if applicable) to which the different content articles are assigned. The site plan dictates the navigation of the Website and the representation of the business. In most cases, the RFP for a Website design project focusses on "What" needs to be done and our Site Plan development process focusses on the details of "How" it will be done using our products and methodologies.

This is the most critical phase of the Website design. For a complex Website, it is advised that the executive, operations, IT, and marketing departments get involved at this stage to agree on a common site plan.

Once the Site Plan is developed, Cyzap works on the Site Plan configuration. The Site Plan configuration is the process of programming the site plan into ZapSite. We ensure that all the tabs, categories, subcategories, their styles, and formats etc. are programmed into ZapSite so that your website is ready to receive content.