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11/01/14     Cyzap launches NCSN system for managing certifications and recertification

Cyzap launches the new credentialing database system for National Board for Certification of School Nurses (NBCSN) to manage and automate their NCSN certification.

The system is powered by ZapCertify 5.0, Cyzap's leading certification management system. It allows NCSN candidates to submit their certification application, provide degree, license, and work experience history, attach transcripts and proof of license, and pay their application application fee. The system automatically selects a candidate for audit based on their background information and audit-frequency. 

Exam eligibilities of approved applications are transmitted to Prometric and Authorization to Test (ATT) letter are emailed to candidates in real-time. Once certified, certificants can download their online certificate anytime from their ZapCertify portal.

Certificants can also report their continuing education (CE) activities under different activity types . ZapCertify automatically tracks everyone's CE requirements and sends multiple reminders during the course of their recert cycle. When certificants are eligible to recertify, they simply have to submit the recertification application and paying the recertification fee online. Once the recertification application is approved, ZapCertify automatically extends their recertification cycle.

The customer support representatives have full access to every profile and their corresponding activity history. They can pull up application pending approval and use ZapCertify's dynamic query and reporting engine to generate financial reports, analyze exam results, certification, and recertification trends.

Gary Schmidt, director of operations for NCSN, had the following to say on the launch of the system:

Wow, just have to tell you how much I enjoy using the new version of ZapCertify.  I was helping a user log into the system for the first time and they needed their email updated which in made it necessary to change their username.  I made the username change in the back end and was pleasantly surprised to see the system kick out an automated email informing them of the change. As I work more with the system I see so many areas where thoughtful consideration given to how the system could be improved.  You’ve done a great job and just want to acknowledge and recognize the effort you put into the upgrade."





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